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I would love to find more about you guys!!! Feel free~
I have only few followers...but who cares? (^^")

The previous week I bought a cap from Zara and today I found out tha Dara has exactly the same one!!(^^)

take a look:



 Do u remember a show in Japan at which Tohoshinki went and Jaejoong showed what he had in his bag??
 He had soooo many  cell phones and ipods!!!

Can someone find the video??plz???

I want Changmin back
 I miss Changmin so much...

as a Soulfighter:

as a Maknae:

as a Kiss couple member :

as a Tall couple member :

Ohhh..Changmin plz do sth..I wanna listen to ur voice again!!!T^T

i wanna see u dancing

COME BACK...plz!!!!!

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Favorite song right now: Dara Prk(2NE1) - Kiss

Last album bought/downloaded: Bought TVXQ-MIROTIC C Version album!!!

Last movie you watched?Did you liked it?: Remember me!! I really liked it!! I even liked R.Pattinson's acting skills..sth strange for me!!

Things that are super-annoying at the moment?:  The idea that on Monday I have school--> =[

Best friend?: Evi-Vera-Kiriaki-Eleni-Dimitris!!!(I love them)

Your favorite drama?: BOF ( I haven't seen many Dramas)

Last person you spoke to?: My bestfriend Kiriaki

Your favorite icecream flavor?: Cookies!!

Guiltiest Pleasure??: Singing (on my own or with people around..I have to apologise to these people =[)

Favorite T-Shirt color?: Black-White

If you could kill any animal what whould it be and why?: Pigeons...they are everywhere...

Worst drama you've ever seen?: Heading to the Ground(sorry Yunho but the plot was really boring)

Best way to relax?: Music

Are there any bits of childhood that you miss??: I am still a kid right??

Spring,Summer,Winter or Fall?: Winter

Say sth to the person who tagged you: Andromeda fighting!!

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Changmin and his ___ T-Shirt
Ok we all know that Changmin watches "special videos"...
He has confess it already at a TV show...
but I was never expecting him to express hisself that way:

(man..i love u..i adore u....but u have no limits....)

Annyong guys!!
I am totally new at LJ and I do not know how to use it very well but anyway!!
I am Marialena..I am from Greece and I am a J-pop and especially K-POP fan!!
My fav band is TVXQ/東方神起/동방신기 and fav member is Shim Changmin!!!!
An other really beloved band is 2PM!!


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